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About Us

Carol Field Dahlstrom, Inc. /Brave Ink Press is a publishing company that produces lifestyle online content as well as books, magazines, and other products. It is located in Ankeny, Iowa.

Started in 1999, Carol and her staff have enjoyed creating hundreds of recipes and craft projects for all ages that appear in books, magazines and as online content. Carol has authored 15 books and has appeared on national television as well as featured in many national publications. She was an Executive Editor at Better Homes and Gardens for 20 years.

WhatisCarolMaking is the newest venture in this company—sharing ideas for each season in an online format for everyone to enjoy.

Just as in Carol’s books, Carol shares her love of creating with easy crafting projects, delicious recipes, food crafts, kids’ crafts and cooking projects, ideas for crafting and cooking with groups, entertaining ideas, handmade gifts, do-it-yourself projects (DIY) and more.

Each recipe or project is designed to be downloaded on an individual Recipe or Project Sheet that can be shared with groups or collected in a binder for future reference.

As the seasons change, Carol shares new ideas for each holiday including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and more. Her “I can do that!” videos give hands-on information that ensures success with each recipe and project. Special “all by myself” videos for kids are favorites for the the little ones.

No matter what Carol is making, she knows you will want to make it too.

Being creative is a reason for living—for sharing and for knowing that you are using your talents to make your life, and the lives of the people you care about—happier, more beautiful, and more fulfilling.

So join us for the fun and see….What is Carol Making?

Credits: Photos: Jay Wilde/The Wilde Project and Dean Tanner/Primary Image Art Director: Lyne Neymeyer  Business Staff Director: Judy Bailey  Social Media: Christy Brokens and Marcia Schultz Dahlstrom  Copy Editor: Liz Burnley  Video: Jay Wilde  Food Stylists: Jennifer Peterson and Carol Field Dahlstrom Props and Location Manager: Roger Dahlstrom


Note: Permission is given to print Digital Download  Recipe and Project Sheets for personal use only.

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  • Ph: 515-238-3098
  • While all information has been tested and checked, human error can occur. Carol Field Dahlstrom, Inc. and Brave Ink Press cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury associated with the making of any project or recipe on
    this site.