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Home Design
Deck the halls in your holiday home with clever handmade touches. Try making an Appliqué Tree Candle Mat or a little forest of paper trees. You'll love telling your friends that you made it yourself!

Scroll down on this page and see projects to make for your holiday home! Then pick the Project Sheet you want to download.
After you purchase the download, you will receive a link on your e-mail to download the PDF. It couldn't be easier!
Bolster Pillows
Any kind of fabric can work for a quick-to-make bolster pillow. You can even use a favorite fabric kitchen towel! Then download the Project Sheet, above, for a hard copy of the instructions.

Bolster Pillows

Candle Bracelets
Use purchased bracelets or make your own to decorate these clever candles.  Download the Project Sheet, above, for instructions.

Candle Bracelets

Spring Arrangement
For an elegant and magical spring centerpiece, use jelly beans or other items to surround your bouquet. The trick to making this clever arrangement is to use a little vase inside a bigger one. Watch the video, below, for some tips on making this clever arrangement. Then download the Project Sheet, above for a hard copy of the instructions.

Tulip Centerpiece

What you need for the arrangement
Large pitcher or other vase
Smaller container to fit inside pitcher
Floral glue or tacky wax
Fresh cranberries, candy or other items to fit between the containers or vases
Cut stems of fresh flowers
Fresh greenery

How to make the project
1 Place the smaller container inside the pitcher. The smaller container should leave enough room around it for the cranberries or candy. See Illustration A, below. Use some floral tacky glue or wax to secure if necessary.
2 Carefully place the cranberries between the two containers using a funnel if desired.  See Illustration B. Use a pick to adjust the cranberries or candy. See Illustration C. Fill the inside container with water. Add the flowers and greenery.

Vase steps 1-3

Roses and Lime Slices
I love this simple little centerpiece. I used a low flat dish from my china cupboard and filled with with water, glitter, and small roses. You can use your favorite container to do the same thing—keeping it simple (but beautiful) for the holidays! Download the Project Sheet above for a hard copy of the instructions.

Roses and Lime Centerpiece
What you need
Shallow clear glass bowl or dish
Small pink roses
Thin slices of small limes such as key limes
Lime green glitter

How to make the project
1 Fill the shallow bowl with water. Cut the heads from the roses and float in the water. Add the slices of lime. Sprinkle the limesland roses with glitter. The arrangement will last for about 3 days.

One-Color Frames
Frames of all sizes and shapes group together for a stunning display when they are painted the same color. Download the project sheet from the top of the page.



Note: Permission is given to print Digital Download  Recipe and Project Sheets for personal use only.

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